Bombay Sapphire; Stir Creativity Campaign

Client Bombay Sapphire 
Category Advertising 
Year 2019
My work was selected to be a part of Bombay Sapphire’s Stir Creativity campaign. My series of illustrations are purposefully bold, modern and intentionally disruptive in order to demand attention - especially when endlessly scrolling through social media. Each artwork is attempting to reflect how the brand/product could help it's audience look and feel; stylish, vibrant and confident. The movement within the illustrations aims to hint at the expressive and spirited nature of creativity; stimulating and mind opening - a release of personal creativity. In order to appeal to a wide audience, I’ve made a conscious effort not to choose overly masculine or feminine motifs within the illustrations. As a celebration of the product, I have chosen to solely use shape, colour and pattern so that Bombay isn’t alluding to what any one persons’ creativity should look like. Instead, it is meant to evoke a feeling so that the consumer doesn’t feel as though they are being told what creativity is - it’s up to them, Bombay are just here to help shake it up.

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