Ana Jaks is an award winning
illustrator whose love for shape,
colour, pattern and inclusivity

is reflected throughout her work.


What Women Want 2.0 

Client What Women Want 2.0
Category Editorial
Year 2018
What Women Want 2.0 builds upon a rich and radical feminist history which foregrounds women’s stories in their own words, and on their own terms. It is non-partisan survey project that builds on a historical feminist social survey, and seeks to raise awareness of women’s multi-layered experience of life in the UK. 
    I was asked to illustrate a portrait of Rosie Ferguson for the chapter of caring responsibilities. Illustrators (all female) were asked to create whatever illustration they like in whatever style as long as it included a portrait.
    The project was completely volunteer run, and was held in the Houses of Parliment in March 2018.

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